Company Overview

Founded in 2016 and headquarter is in Bangalore, with a view to manufacture and introduce the ancient ethnic food products. Our foods products are based on traditional values. Each and every product is selected and crafted with utmost care, with an aim to maintain the quality and purity for our customers.

Preservative Free

We use high quality ingredient raw materials, which grown organically. Raw materials are selected carefully to ensure the quality & purity.

All our products are tested in government lab and approved by FSSAI.

The Main motto of this company is to cherish our traditional food & to bring back our traditional food to people's day to day life routine.

Non use of GM seeds:

Genetically modified seeds are designed to make the plant more resistant to rain, drought, pests, diseases etc....

Our company is strictly against the use of GM seeds and crops.

Our Passion

We ensure to give our effort to deliver Good products to our customers.

Our passion is to produce more and more organic food supplements , which drive us to give a great attention to every possible details in our products with more love and care.

Our passion towards our Ancestors recipe and their quality of great taste comes only through the organic cultivation.

We have put our at most effort to bring back our Ancestors taste in everyone’s daily routine.

The choice of the right ingredient is in particular crop nutrient level in the soil, choosing right seeds (very particularly No GMO'S) no genetically modified organism seeds.

All together presences, gives the nutritional values, taste, flavor and 100% Safe for our consumers.

Why Choose Us?

Our product is processed with at most care. We attest to it being completely organic & preservative free products.

Our Company Vision

It is a great challenge in our hand to protect our children & family members from cancer causing pesticides and to give a chemical free food loaded with health and nutrition

We try to give the "Goodness of nature as it is" to our consumers.